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Hempfest 2017

Hempfest 2017

Kaitlin Hahn and Nick Viveiros

September 20, 2017

For more pictures from this year's Hempfest, visit Uncovered with Flash.   Thousands flocked to the grassy knolls of the Boston Common this past weekend for the 38th annual Boston Freedom Rally, the second largest gathering of cannabis enthusiasts and activists in the world, behind Seattle’s Hem...

No reason for Massachusetts to say no to question three

No reason for Massachusetts to say no to question three

October 24, 2012

Chris Musk  Journal Staff Question three on Massachusetts' 2012 ballot is whether medicinal marijuana would be legal in the state of Massachusetts. This would eliminate the state’s criminal and civil penalties related to the medical use of marijuana and allow patients – who meet a doctor’s app...

Proposition 19 burns out

Proposition 19 burns out

Michael Christina

November 10, 2010

Michael Christina Journal Contributor We’ve all heard the argument. Marijuana should be legal. You can’t overdose from it. Liquor is more dangerous and is responsible for many more problems in our society, including death. We’ve all seen the statistics. In 2008 Time Magazine survey, 42 perce...

Daze of change: 21st annual Freedom Rally invades Boston Common

September 22, 2010

Tom Russo Journal Staff Last Saturday, tens of thousands flocked to the Boston Common for the 21st annual holding of The Boston Freedom Rally (or as it is commonly referred to, Hempfest).  Smokers and interested onlookers of all colors and ages inundated the Commons on Saturday, Sept. 18, for ...

Editor’s word: April 7, 2010

April 6, 2010

SUNORML, Suffolk’s chapter of the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, is working tirelessly with the University’s administration to reform Suffolk’s drug policies in the residence halls and they’re certainly making headway. However, at this month’s TSAC (Trustee’s Student Activities...

Police Blotter March 03

March 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 23 7:25AM NESAD American Alarm called regarding the front doors of NESAD. Unit 22 and 17 responding. Nothing found. No report. 7:57 PM Ridgeway Building Unit 6 reports 2 makes arguing in front of 148 Cambridge Street possibly intoxicated. Units 41 and 39 responding. Unit 41 report...

Police Blotter February 17

February 17, 2010

February 7 Hyatt 4:20 PM Received a report of a possible drug violation on the 8th floor of 1 De Lafayette Ave. units 35, 44, and e responding. Report filed. February 8 150 Tremont 8:37AM Vandalism on the 6th floor at 150 Tremont St. Report filed by unit 77. Hyatt 9:10 AM Medical assi...

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