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Opinion: Consent should be mandatory

Patrick Holmes

October 7, 2015

By Patrick Holmes Consent. It should be assumed as one of the basic rights of a human being but more often than not, consent is glanced over and forgotten. Or worse, ignored. “For me consent means that I can say yes or no to something I have understood,” said by Elise in a video article by...

One month insufficient to address sexual assault awareness

Suffolk recognized Sexual Assault Awareness Month with a series of events. Suffolk also offers Rape and Aggression Defense (RAD) courses for women every semester.
(Photo by Sam Humphrey)

Ally Johnson

April 16, 2014

I have been actively trying to fight, educate and speak out about sexual assault for a while now. It is a difficult subject to read about, listen to or talk about, but it is a prevalent one. It is a cause that is massively disheartening and due to its persistent survival, it seems nearly endless. However,...

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