Super Bowl ads fail to live up to expectations

Alex Mellion

Journal Staff

There’s a reason that 100 million people turn into the Super Bowl every year, and it’s usually not to watch the game, but rather the commercials. This year’s ads failed to live up to lofty expectations however, as some companies decided to run 60 second ads instead of standard 30 second ones, which led to loss of interest from the viewers.

Not all of the commercials were disappointing however, as there were definitely a few standout ads.

My personal favorite commercial this past Sunday was the Chevy Camaro ad, featuring a recent college graduate misinterpreting his graduation gift from his parents. Aspiring New York filmmaker Zach Borst won a contest sponsored by Chevy with this ad, in which the grad’s parents intend on giving him a refrigerator for a graduation gift, but unfortunately for them, he thinks that the neighbor’s Camaro, which is parked in front of his house, is his gift instead.

Hilarity obviously ensues as the grad starts screaming and jumping around declaring that it is the “best day ever”. He even manages to convince a passing woman to marry him, which adds to the sheer hilarity of the commercial.

Another commercial that I found to be amusing was the Doritos ad featuring a seemingly homicidal, but funny dog. The ad shows a dog burying what one would think to be a bone, until his owner sees a sign for a missing cat and puts two and two together. The dog bribes the man with a bag of Doritos, along with a note that says “you didn’t see nuthin”, and when his wife asks the man if she’s seen the cat, the man plays dumb.

That ad was the winner of Doritos yearly “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, and was reportedly created for the paltry sum of just $20. With the Doritos ads being the most consistently funny commercials year in and year out, it’s no wonder thousands and thousands of people enter the contest each year in an attempt to create the next legendary commercial.

My least favorite commercial, although I’m sure 99.9% of females will disagree, was the H & M spot featuring David Beckham, or more accurately, David Beckham’s body. While the ad made the girls I was watching the game with drool, it didn’t interest me, and I could have done without it, though if you’re reading this David Beckham, I’d like to hire you to be my personal trainer, if you’re not too busy.

All in all, this year’s ads were above average at best. Some were instant classics, while others were instant duds. My wish for next year’s commercials? More dogs and less of David Beckham’s body.