Letter to the editor: Scott Zalatoris


Junior Scott Zalatoris has been announced as the student representative to the President Search Committee.  Quoted below is a letter Zalatoris sent to the student body to inform them of his duties. What qualities do you want to see in you’re next President? Drop us a line in the comments.

Dear Students of Suffolk University,

As all of you know, our institution is now in what is perhaps the most important transitional period of our history. After 21 years of dedicated service, David J. Sargent has resigned his position as President of Suffolk University. While his departure has left us with a tremendous sense of respect for the growth and progress that he brought to our campus, it also provides us with an unique opportunity to look forward and help shape this school for years to come.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Andrew C. Meyer has appointed a Presidential Selection Committee and charged them with the task of hiring the new President of Suffolk University. As explained in Chairman Meyer’s earlier letter to students, the Committee will consist of trustees, administrators, faculty, alumni and a student representative. Chairman Meyer asked if I would serve as the student representative on the committee.

I am honored to be the student asked to serve on the Presidential Selection Committee. This is a tremendous responsibility that I do not take lightly. As a student in my junior academic year and as someone who serves as a Senator in the Student Government Association, in addition to sitting on the executive board of several clubs; I have had an opportunity to see firsthand what life is like for students at this university. Suffolk is place where students have opportunities to learn and grow as individuals in a way that is truly inspiring. I do however recognize that our institution has areas that need improvement.

As your representative in the presidential selection process, I want to embody the interests of the students in a fashion worthy of my position. I welcome and ask for any and all ideas, comments and concerns that you want to voice about the committee process. However, I want to know more than anything what characteristics you, the students, want to see in your next university president.

Over the coming months I will be meeting with the committee members and working to find the person who will best fill the role as the next leader of Suffolk University. I will also be listening to the comments raised by students and reporting back to you the progress that we as a committee have made. It is the goal of the committee that this process be as open and transparent as possible. We have a monumental task ahead of us and together we can ensure that the interests of the students are heard.

Scott R. Zalatoris
Student Representative,

Presidential Selection Committee

PDF Download of the letter