Editor’s word: Suffolk’s top 10

On the front page of today’s edition, the Journal published the full salaries of Suffolk’s top 10 highest paid employees.

This information was gathered from public documents and represents the 2012 calendar year.

Though it may seem alarming to read that the university is paying more than $3 million to 10 people, Suffolk students must remember they are investing in an education.

As long as the students at this university feel they are receiving an education worth thousands or millions (collectively), we can get over the initial shock of seeing the high salaries paid to our top 10 officials. Perhaps there should even be some pride.

The people on Suffolk’s top 10 list include the president, college deans, and law school professors. These are some of the people who directly shape our curriculum and help lead us to promising careers. Also included are the vice president for government relations and community affairs and the senior vice president for finance and administration and treasurer; important positions necessary for the lasting success of the university.

When looking comparatively at other schools, Suffolk’s top 10 are being paid much less than other universities in the area. Boston University is giving its top 10 more than $9 million. If you think the education you are getting here at Suffolk is just as good as the one you could get at BU, then you are getting a pretty great deal.

If you need more convincing that the $3 million paid to our top 10 is worth it, think about the high salary of former president David J. Sargent a few years ago. The Boston Globe reported that Sargent was making up to $2.8 million. That’s almost the entire amount our top 10 made in 2012 (the most recent data available).

McCarthy was paid a total of $544,614 in 2012, which is extremely reasonable when compared to Sargent’s salary and the salaries of other area university presidents. New president Norman Smith said he is being paid even less than McCarthy was. Even more reason to feel okay with the large sum Suffolk is giving its top 10.

So, look at this as a justified payment to the people you are trusting with your highly valuable education. And if you don’t agree, speak up.