Michael Myers in “Halloween Kills,” which was released on Oct. 15. (Universal Pictures)
Michael Myers in “Halloween Kills,” which was released on Oct. 15.

Universal Pictures

Top five fan theories for ‘Halloween Ends’

November 2, 2021

With the buzz of the new “Halloween Kills” movie starting to subside, it’s now time to hype up the final showdown between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, which will occur in “Halloween Ends” in 2022.  I have strong theories that might be shocking to some surrounding the drama that may unfold in what should be the franchise’s final film. I think it would be a good mention that spoilers are in this piece. If you haven’t seen “Halloween Kills,” please go see it in theaters. 

Michael’s swan song

Michael Myers has the same superhuman power as before and almost took out a riot group that was trying to capture him in “Halloween Kills.” But like the old saying goes “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”  

Father time has caught up with him faster than he can catch his victims. He doesn’t have the quick wit or hunter type of energy he used to and in the film, The Shape feeds off the fear of his victims. 

But it seems that his victims are pissed off, as their fear turns to rage. With the final scene of Michael looking out of the window in his old home as thousands of Haddonfield townspeople circle around him from the outside, it’s safe to say this may be a farewell gathering for him. 

Laurie Strode’s last fight

 Laurie was in the hospital throughout “Halloween Kills,” healing from the injuries she received from her fight with Michael in the 2018 film “Halloween.” But now that she has heard the news that her granddaughter is being held captive by Michael and her daughter Karen was killed by him (though I doubt she’s actually dead), Laurie is on the war path yet again. 

Playing it back from the sequel, her nightmare is not over by a long shot. But she is not alone in her fight against him as Haddonfield is ready to end Michael’s wrath.

The town’s uprising

 From the memes of the lady with the electric iron who was in the riot, to Instagram jokes about what weapons to use against Michael, there’s one thing for certain about this film: The people of Haddonfield are fed up with Michael and his killing spree. They are willing to gang up against him and they will do everything to stop him. 

The rally of townspeople try but fail to capture him. Their fear has turned into blind rage, but can you really blame them? He killed half of their police officers, firefighters, teenagers and parents. Enough is enough. His days are numbered.

What will become of the series?

Well, knowing Hollywood, if they can milk the series for cash and attention, this franchise will not end. But if director David Gordon Green’s interview doesn’t sway you, don’t hold your breath that this might be it for Michael. But also, expect the unexpected, because if the ending to “Halloween Kills” leaves anything for the viewers to wonder how this story is really going to end. Will a new serial killer take up the mask? Time will tell. 

Who will be left to survive the night?

There is a question of who will be left to tell the deadly tale of Halloween in Haddonfield. Laurie could still walk away victorious again along with her granddaughter, though there’s also the sad fact that maybe Laurie might not make it out alive. I hope it doesn’t come down to that. 

It could be that some fan favorites make the cut – no pun intended – and live to tell the tale and might just live. But who knows, it will make for some cool talk and interesting theories when the final installment comes out next year. 

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