The graduating members of The Suffolk Journal 2019-2020 Editorial Board

Thank you to The Suffolk Journal’s graduating editors

May 19, 2020

Like every other student organization, COVID-19 abruptly cut our time short with our graduating members.

We didn’t get to slug through one last production night together, or put out a final paper with their names in the masthead. But we don’t want their time at The Journal to be defined by what they didn’t get to do in their last two months at Suffolk University.

Instead, we want to celebrate their achievements and remember the incredible impact they had on the paper, and the rest of our staff.

Each of these graduates put more hard work into this paper than any of our readers will ever realize, and they did so not because it would look good on a resume or help get them a good internship (of which they had plenty), but because they enjoyed the process and the people they got to do it with.

These graduates are the best examples of what journalists should be. They always chase important stories and seek to report only the truth. They are empathetic in their reporting, trying their best to report in ways that benefit the community around them, and helped us learn how to be the best journalists we can be.

Most importantly, they became our friends. We laughed and cried together in The Journal office and made unforgettable memories cooped up in that room each Tuesday night. It’s safe to say that these will be some of our best memories of college.

We are incredibly proud of this incredible group of graduates. We know they are going to achieve great things because they already have – The Suffolk Journal under their leadership proves that.

Good luck and thank you for all of your hard work. And remember, this isn’t a goodbye. We’ll see you all again soon.

From the 2020 – 2021 Suffolk Journal Editorial Board


Here are our graduating members:



Haley Clegg was the Editor-in-Chief of The Suffolk Journal and has graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. She was a member of The Journal staff for four years and served as the Editor-in-Chief for two years. Aside from writing, her main passions are photography and traveling. Haley was a reporter for Suffolk in the City at NECN and SU News. She is currently a writer at 7 News Boston (WHDH) and hopes to one day be an investigative reporter or an international correspondent.


“Haley has taught me more about leadership than anyone else since I started college. She’s worked so hard to move the paper forward and help us all grow as journalists. Her passion for and faith in this field is inspiring. Hearing her explain why what we do is important and needed during these hard times has helped me want to continue on in this field, even when things get tough. She is incredibly driven and always worked so hard to help enhance our skills and ensure that what we produce is good journalism (and it always was). She stayed up until sunrise on some production nights to make sure The Journal was ready to hit the press, and she’s edited more articles than I could even try to count. I’ll miss brainstorming ideas for the paper with her and miss just talking with her in the office. I’m glad that I get to call her my friend, and I can’t wait to see what she does next. I’m so proud of her accomplishments and I have no doubt that she’ll go far in whatever she does next.” – Caroline Enos


“Ever since I met her, Haley has been an inspiration to me. Not only is she a brilliantly talented writer, but she is also a fiercely committed and kind-hearted leader. As I was starting at The Journal, she graciously led me step-by-step through what it takes to be a reporter and an editor – with careful patience. She has always been approachable and somehow always has an answer to any question you might have. I admire how confident and passionate she is. She is not afraid to walk up to anyone and start up a conversation. She takes initiative without hesitation and always leaves an unforgettable impression. She makes you feel good about yourself and pushes you to accomplish things you never knew you could. After only being able to work with her for one semester, I know she was meant to be a leader and will make a real impact on the world. The entire Journal staff is beyond lucky to have had Haley Clegg as our Editor-in-Chief.” – Julia Ahaesy  


“As Editor-in-Chief, Haley had her hands full, but she was always so welcoming to every new addition to The Journal. Haley is a very passionate person and was always excited about what could be done to improve the paper. I know she has influenced me to think bigger about not only what The Journal is capable of, but also what I am capable of.” – Emily Devlin



Phoebe Adams was the Copy Editor and the Managing Editor for The Suffolk Journal. She has graduated with a degree in print/web journalism and minored in Spanish and English. She wrote for The Journal for two years and was involved with Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity. Phoebe is from Townsend, Massachusetts and can often be found reading and exploring the city with friends. 


“Phoebe is one of the unsung heroes of The Journal. She would look over each article to make sure AP style was being followed — which could not have been easy as mistakes were almost always being made no matter how many times she would remind us (sorry Phoebe!). Not only was she putting up with everyone yelling “how does AP format this?” across the office every production night, but she also ensured that everything behind the scenes was running smoothly. She was there setting up the pages so articles could be laid out. She was organizing trips to New York City. Phoebe was the true backbone of The Journal.” – Emily Devlin


“Phoebe is a wonderfully sarcastic ray of sunshine I didn’t know I needed in my life until I joined The Journal. She is incredibly dedicated to everything she does and cares so much about the people around her. I felt welcomed in The Journal from the get-go because of Phoebe, and she is always able to make someone feel better on a bad day just by being around them. I’ll miss being able to throw random AP style and layout questions her way on production nights, and I’ll miss the hilarious comments that would come with each of her answers (and she was always able to find the answers). Phoebe will always be my Journal mom. I know she’ll do great things after graduation because she is just simply a great person.” – Caroline Enos



Kaitlin Hahn was the News Editor for The Suffolk Journal and has graduated with a degree in print/web journalism and an English minor. Kaitlin was a news editor for The Journal for two years, and also served as president of Suffolk University’s Queer Student Union and a Diversity Peer Educator for The Center for Diversity & Inclusion at Suffolk. She is from Southern California and will soon start her master’s degree in higher education. 


“Kaitlin is the best co-news editor I could have asked for. She’s a talented writer, always knows what questions to ask, and could make a page look great even when we had no content to fill it. She is the bad cop to my good cop, and taught me how to get through production nights when breaking news hit just hours before we went to print or when stories still needed a terrifying amount of work. She’s incredibly hardworking and knows how to get things done. But most importantly, she is a downright wonderful person. During some production nights, we spent more time laughing at stupid jokes than laying out our section (and, occasionally, still getting out of the office by midnight). I’ll never forget the hilarious conversations we had, especially the ones we had with Kyle Crozier, who was a co-news editor during the 2018-2019 academic year. We were a real team that always knew how to help each other and have fun while doing it. Kaitlin is a part of some of the best memories I have of college. I’ll always admire her passion for activism and her ability to persevere through hard times and challenges. I’m really going to miss her, and that is honestly an understatement.” – Caroline Enos


“Kaitlin is someone who wants to make a change for the better. She was always the person I and others would turn to when I was unsure of how to phrase delicate topics. Supportive of ideas and encouraging of new writers, Kaitlin pushed for compelling news stories.” – Emily Devlin


“Kaitlin Hahn was one of the first people I met when I went to the first Suffolk Journal meeting as a freshman. I wrote one or two stories for the news section, and she said that’s where I was staying…. and here we are today. Kaitlin amazed me by being the president of QSU and making so many people feel safe, welcomed and involved while also educating others even more (including myself)! I’ll remember that one odd trip to the courthouse at 9 a.m. with some friendly security guards, putting up with my countless edits (definitely not on a Monday), and that one night where the SGA article took WAY too long. I can’t wait to see her educating others and make more change in the world.” – Katelyn Norwood


“Kaitlin is one of the coolest and kindest people I have ever met. They sought me out when they saw potential in me and made me feel like I had been writing for The Journal for years, rather than just a couple of months. I admire Kaitlin for their hardworking attitude and perseverance, whether it be placing a section, staying late in the office when everyone else had already left, and always pushing me to be better at whatever I was doing. Being Kaitlin’s “mini me” is an honor, and I will never forget how incredibly excited I was to find another queer journalist making change with their writing. I cannot stress how much I look up to Kaitlin as a role model, peer, and friend. They made my first year with The Journal, and at Suffolk in general, incredible and we have some of the best memories together.” – Mol Webber



Amy Koczera was the World News Editor for The Suffolk Journal and has graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism with a minor in philosophy. She has written for The Suffolk Journal since she was a freshman, and worked as World News editor for two years. Amy also served as the treasurer of the Suffolk Jazz Band, was a reporter for Suffolk in the City at NECN and SU News, interned at  7 News Boston (WHDH), was a teaching assistant, resident assistant, a member of The Journey program, a project leader for Suffolk’s Center for Community Engagement and hosted a podcast for Suffolk Free Radio (WSFR). She is originally from Dartmouth, Mass. She will be starting her professional journalism career after graduation in Lubbock, Texas as an MMJ/reporter. 


“For me, coming to The Journal wasn’t easy. Being alone in a foreign country, facing a language barrier and making my first steps in journalism was a big challenge. In this period, I really needed someone who could help me become a better writer. And this person was Amy. She taught me how to write, edit and overall be useful for our team. And yeah, she is a really nice person! I wish her all the luck and I’m damn sure she will succeed in future. Go out there and be the best!” – Murat Metshin


“College seemed to be an overwhelming task until I joined The Suffolk Journal. This campus club allowed me to further explore my creative side with the help of the amazing senior staff. Writing was always my favorite hobby, but it was hard to find a specific niche. I began to learn more about myself and took interest in the world section. Never knowing what it was, editor Amy Koczera, was kind enough to take me under her wing. She walked me through the section and helped me understand the expectations I needed to meet. I was lucky enough to have an editor that challenged and encouraged me when I needed it the most. World News helped me to branch out and write stories that I would not have written before. My sophomore year was a great one, as I had the help and support of the entire senior staff. The group as a collective, was one of the most hardworking I have had the pleasure of working with. I will always remember my time with the 2020 seniors as a period of exploration and growth. It is with my deepest hope that their future endeavors allow them to thrive and find success.” -Olivia Acevedo



Morgan Hume was the Arts and Culture Editor for The Suffolk Journal and has graduated with a degree in print/web journalism with a minor in history. She was a member of The Journal staff for four years, and interned at Boston Magazine, The Improper Bostonian, Dig Boston and The Alt. She is a native of Troy, New York, and currently writes for the global music blog Indie Shuffle. When she isn’t scribbling into a notebook, she can be found drowning herself in cups of coffee, singing too loudly in the shower and exploring Boston, the historic city that has quickly become her home.


“From the moment I met Morgan Hume when I was a freshman and she was a junior, I knew we were going to work so well together in the Arts & Culture section. I might have only gotten a few short weeks working alongside Morgan during the hectic Tuesday production nights, but Morgan made it surprisingly fun and entertaining with our quick Walgreens runs, time spent brainstorming page designs and her newly implemented fact checking process. However, we were still productive and somehow still got our pages done on time for publication, despite frequent troubles with printing and wondering what to do with our layout. Morgan is a GENIUS with words and can always whip out a synonym or a creative and quirky headline in a matter of seconds. And she also had the best wall in the office with all her article clippings and adornments lining her space, and I’m definitely going to live up to this legacy. Morgan will no doubt succeed in journalism with her passion and drive and will be the best review writer out there. I’m glad to take over the reigns of the Arts & Culture section and follow her footsteps in creating engaging articles and layouts while probably sending out at least five press emails a day.” – Sarah Lukowski 


“Morgan is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met, she knows everything there is to know about Arts, and she taught herself most of it. I think the best way I could describe Morgan is that I can only hope to one day be as determined and well-versed in this field as she is. Morgan knows how to write any and every kind of arts article, and I have and will continue to learn so much from her. She’s one of the kindest people on this whole entire planet, and always encouraged people to feel welcomed at The Journal.” – Abby O’Connor




Edward Reinhardt was the Arts and Culture Editor for The Suffolk Journal and has graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism with a minor in public relations. He was a writer for The Journal for two years, a reporter for SU News, and worked for Suffolk Free Radio (WSFR). Born and raised in Massachusetts, Boston offered him a chance to get out of the suburbs while staying close to family. He has a passion for writing and enjoys covering concerts and interviewing artists and hopes to one day make a career of it.


“I am so thankful for Eddie Reinhardt for showing me how to use InDesign and helping me get outside my comfort zone by writing for The Journal. Laying out pages in InDesign can be a little challenging, but Eddie showed me every little detail and was patient with me as I started laying out pages on my own. I’ll miss Eddie’s Spotify playlists that often introduced me to new artists and bonding over our one class together that we hated as well as the positivity that he brought to the team. Eddie will also no doubt have great success in journalism and I can’t wait to see his articles in the pages of Rolling Stone, Billboard, and other music magazines.” – Sarah Lukowski 


“Eddie is one of the kindest people at The Journal. He’s someone who’s always there to encourage you and believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. Eddie is such a great teacher, always there and wanting to teach others what he can and share the knowledge he’s learned. Not only is he a patient teacher, but he’s just as talented and passionate about arts as Morgan. The arts section was lucky to have a team of two people like this, and they will leave behind an unforgettable legacy on this newspaper. As a writer, you don’t often get to choose your editors or your peers. After working with Morgan Hume and Eddie Reinhart on the Arts and Culture team, I would absolutely pick them to not only be my editors, but to be my friends as well.” – Abby O’Connor



Hannah Arroyo was the Sports Editor for The Suffolk Journal and has graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. She wrote for The Journal for four years and was also a reporter for Suffolk in the City on NECN. Hannah interned at 7 News Boston (WHDH), and was a resident assistant and a tour guide at Suffolk. She passionately follows New England sports (she even worked at Fenway Park), and can often be found exploring new spots in Boston. She enjoys going to Fenway Park, searching antique stores and pranking her friends. She hopes to work in sports media after graduation.


“It did not take long for me to find a role model at Suffolk. I met Hannah when I was working on one of my first stories for The Journal. She recognized that I was a freshman with no experience, and completely took me under her wing without giving it a second thought. We came from barely knowing each other to being editors together. But more importantly, we became great friends. Hannah has an incredible passion for sports. We bonded over our love of the Red Sox and the Bruins, but most importantly she showed me her passion for journalism, which I came to discover in myself. Hannah has put in an immense number of hours over the years making sure our Suffolk Rams get the recognition they deserve. She is responsible for the great relationship The Suffolk Journal has with the athletic department. She has been a fierce reporter not only on campus, but also in her work for 7 News and her incredible job as a Suffolk in the city reporter for NECN. I have yet to take a journalism class here at Suffolk, but that is OK. Everything I have learned has come from Hannah. I watched her interview celebrities and icons of mine while cool and calm as I was giggling with excitement in the back, pretending like I was working the camera. Without her, I do not know what I would be doing today, or if I would have discovered my passion for journalism or not. When I was going through times that interfered with my work at The Journal, Hannah was understanding, kind and often rightfully called me out on poor decisions. She was more than willing to put others’ needs before her own. I am heartbroken that we were robbed of our last few weeks as a team, but I know that Hannah will overcome all that has happened. She is truly one of the strongest and most talented people I know. Hannah, thank you for being my role model, not just this year, but for years to come.” – JD Conte


“Hannah Arroyo has always made me feel at home, and I’m just not quite sure what I’m supposed to do without her explaining how sports work to me. Her work ethic truly amazes me, between Suffolk in the City, being an RA, an editor and her other jobs. Even after she leaves Suffolk, I know she won’t stop putting her. During difficult times, Hannah had my back, and her kindness means the world to me. I’ll miss having my CJN ‘go-to’ girl in the lab and trying to understand the camera equipment, but I know that she has so much to offer the world.” – Katelyn Norwood



Mitch Bruehwiler was the Photo Editor of The Suffolk Journal and has graduated with a degree in Marketing. He has freelanced for MBPhotographs and interned at WebLight Media, Bullhorn, American Rhino LLC, He is from Old Saybrook, Connecticut. He is passionate about photography, digital media, and social media. Mitch enjoys skating around Boston and flying his drone. He hopes to follow a career in Creative Marketing and eventually start his own business.


“The best front page this team put forward was because of Mitch’s incredibly impressive photography skills. He was always able to capture the perfect picture for a story and edit the ones we take to make sure they are as good as possible before they go to print. Mitch put up with us section editors asking him to edit pictures late into production nights, and was always a really easy going and fun person to be around when he was in the office (It shouldn’t go unnoticed that some of the best quotes on our quote wall are from him).” – Caroline Enos 

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    Kenneth MartinMay 20, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    Wow what a crew! Congratulations and best wishes to you all! You will succeed!