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You’ll be falling for Trevor Daniel after hearing his debut album ‘Nicotine’

April 5, 2020

Like smoking a cigarette, Trevor Daniel’s album “Nicotine” is addictive. 

On March 26, the 25-year-old musician released his debut record and the collection of 10 short pop songs each deserve a spot on the radio. 

Daniel kicks off the record with the title track “Nicotine,” incorporating themes of love and emotion that will carry on through the rest of the album. The track’s succinct rhythm and repetitive lyrics hook the listener all the while. 

The following handful of tracks use similar beats to maintain the same pop sound and have potential to be turned into killer remixes. No matter the tempo, whether it’s the slower speed in “All Of That” or the fast-paced verses in “Things We Do For Love,” Daniel smoothly transitions into the next track by bringing the previous song to a gradual end. 

The downfall of most of these tracks is that they sound like all the other chart toppers blasting over the airwaves. Although they’re wildly catchy, they hover over the line of artistic and generic. Most of them are almost too similar to be distinct from one another. 

It’s not until the seventh song, “Disaster,” that the album introduces some new sounds. In the middle of the tune, Daniel takes a break from his smooth, upbeat vocals for a guitar solo. The contrast between the deep bass heard earlier and this song’s novel acoustic melodies helps spice up the album. 

Daniel saved his strongest tracks for the end. The compelling lyrics in “Past Life,” like the lines “I’m trying to be honest with my happiness / Don’t know why I’m bad at this / And I don’t want to sit all in my sadness / I know it’s a habit of mine” create a somber tone. The satisfying background vocals layered over a solid beat and hints of guitar strums make a uniquely balanced sound. 

The last track “Falling” took over the Internet and radio long before the rest of the album dropped. Although it’s now such a familiar tune, it’s clearly still his best. His new tracks are worth hearing, but they don’t top this hit. 

Hopefully on his next album, Daniel will have more courage to step outside of the traditional pop scene. Until then, fans can look forward to seeing how his artistry will evolve. But as a starting point, this debut album is worth checking out. 

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    William NwakammaJun 23, 2020 at 9:20 pm

    My name is sugar boy

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    playboy milesMay 30, 2020 at 3:03 am

    icant wait enough for the new album without his songs am dead..