Hozier charms audiences during back-to-back Boston concerts

November 20, 2019

Morgan Hume / Arts Editor

Hozier was sweet as cherry wine on Wednesday night as the folk singer delivered a concert full of tender music and kind smiles. 

Hozier played two sold-out shows on Nov. 12 and 13 at the Boch Center Wang Theatre as part of his “Wasteland, Baby” tour, supporting his latest album of the same name. Australian singer-songwriter Angie McMahon opened the show, warming up the crowd with her killer vocals and adorable personality. 

After a brief intermission, the stage gleamed with bright red stage lights which moved to focus on Hozier as he captivatingly strummed his guitar. “As It Was” echoed through the silent theatre, as the song’s slow build up honed in the audience  the frontman’s voice grew stronger and the backup singers and instrumentalists joined in.

The passionate musicians continued the climactic build up as the band dived into “Dinner & Diatribes.” Audience members couldn’t help but move along to the catchy rhythm and feel immersed by his smooth vocals. 

Hozier continued the show with a setlist that included plenty of tracks from his latest album “Wasteland, Baby” and a few older hits. He also said he plans to drop new music in the next few months, and gave the crowd a taste of an unreleased track. 

The artist put a spin on fan favorite “From Eden” by slowing the pace of the song and performing a more acoustic version. Hozier completely enchanted the audience during this part of the show. 

Morgan Hume / Arts Editor

In addition to Hozier’s stellar lead vocals, the back up singers added tremendously to the performance as well, helping to build a bigger sound and create flawless harmonies. Although Hozier is typically the center of attention, the whole band worked together to make a stunning performance. Hozier clearly recognized this too as he humbly made sure the audience appreciated the whole band, not just him. 

Hozier also took time in between songs to shed light on causes he believes in. He chatted with the crowd about love, the inevitability of the sun exploding and how seasonal depression can have serious downfalls, all while keeping the room positive.

Throughout the show, behind the band a large screen displayed changing visuals that showed the song’s lyrics in different fonts and eerie drawings that complimented the tracks. 

Hozier ended his setlist with his famous hit “Take Me To Church,” during which fans threw pride flags onto the stage, which Hozier happily grabbed and displayed over the microphone stand. 

After taking everyone to church, he returned to the stage for a well-deserved encore, officially ending the concert with the songs “Cherry Wine” and “Work Song.”

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