(Allyssa DelVecchio / Journal Contributor)

Allyssa DelVecchio / Journal Contributor

Mallcops give energetic performance alongside We The Kings at Brighton Music Hall

July 19, 2019

If you’ve gone to school in Boston, one way or another you’ve heard of Mallcops. No, not Paul Blart or the intimidating folks at the Cambridge Galleria Mall, but the local band. Since the release of their inaugural EP “The Funniest Joke You’ve Ever Told,” musicians Daniel Donovan, Jimmy Del, Tyler Graham and recent Suffolk graduate Joey Del have been making serious waves in the underground Boston music scene. From basements to the big stage at Brighton Music Hall, this emo punk band is one to keep an eye on.  

Back in 2016, close to the release of their most popular single “Parks and Altars,” there was a plethora of Mallcops stickers decorating laptops, water bottles and lamp posts all around Boston. Word on the street was that this up-and-coming group was gaining major traction and was slowly becoming a household name. This still holds true in 2019 as we anxiously await their upcoming album, their first record under Deep Sea Records. The band has slowly been getting adjusted to being part of a label, which they said has been a surreal experience so far. 

“It’s good to have somebody, like, that has our back that makes merch for us and is booking us shows,” said Del, the lead singer, in an interview with The Suffolk Journal. 

For the past couple of months, Mallcops has been popping up all over Boston at nearby venues like The Democracy Center, Cafe 939 and, most notably, Brighton Music Hall with We The Kings, each time gaining more fans. We The Kings, known for their 2007 single “Check Yes Juliet,” handpicked Mallcops presumably for their popularity and hometown feel. 

For smaller bands, it can be challenging to get a crowd unless you are supplementing your show with a popular local artist, and Mallcops definitely fit the bill. “…[We The Kings was] like ‘you guys are the most handsome band in Boston. We should have you guys play,” guitarist Graham joked in an interview with The Journal. 

Not only are they four friends who hang out and joke with each other, but they know how to extend that friendliness to the audience while still bringing a familiar pop-punk energy. They asked “Who here’s emo?!” to the crowd, which was different  than the generic “Let me see your hands!” hype-up phrase that most artists default to when they have a hard time connecting with concertgoers . 

Openers at smaller venues often have the stacks weighed against them. Usually the crowds are small for even the headliner to interact with, let alone for the first act of the night. However, Mallcops made their presence known and with their opening song, they soon captured the audience’s undivided attention and held it throughout their entire performance. Throughout their set, many fans had their phones out to record the band that will unquestionably continue to keep the pop punk energy alive not only in Boston, but throughout the country. 

Mallcop’s first full length album, “We Made Plans To Self Destruct and Return To The Stars” is set to release in August 2019 and their single “Underwater” is out now.

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