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Draining the Suffolk swamp

Suffolk University must do better at holding the people in power accountable for their actions and how these individuals handle situations of misconduct on campus. Every situation should be handled with complete transparency and if someone is not willing to do so, they must be taken out of their position.

April 12, 2018

Just because the door is closed, does not mean it cannot be opened again or whatever is behind it cannot come out from within. Secrets act in this way and no matter how hard someone, or a university wants to hide something, it has a way of creeping out from behind the shut door.

Suffolk has claimed to be a transparent university, especially in the past year since the firing of former President Margaret McKenna. However, the only way to accurately claim this statement is to follow through, which Suffolk has difficulty doing. During the past three years of my time at Suffolk, I have wanted to believe them when it comes to being honest and open with the student body. But now, through so much instability, it is hard to trust the university I chose over three years ago.

It is easy to critique this university, from administration who do not do their jobs correctly or effectively, to students who cannot seem to comprehend the idea of being a responsible adult. A simple question I constantly ask myself is this:

Where are my thousands of dollars worth of tuition money going toward?

There are higher administration who receive too large of a salary for the simplicity of their position. There are classes I am taking that mirror common sense that so many students seem to lack and thus, these classes were created. There is a shortage of space now that we are crammed into three buildings and elevators very rarely work as they should.

So, Suffolk, where is my tuition money going toward?

Money is not only the issue, though. The media routinely reports on scandals at universities across the country and the many secrets the universities attempt to cover up. Suffolk is not exempt to this coverage, and the transparency ends here. From having a closed system with the presidential search, Suffolk is culprit to these instances at different universities.

When will these places of education learn?

The main solution to these instances would be to have an active, involved student body who will hold higher administration accountable for their actions and enact change, similar to what is happening politically around the country.

Students need to be more cognizant of the tribulations that are occurring right in front of their eyes. These same students need to speak up for this university to change, and it cannot just be the same ones.

Just like in the political realm, where it is important to have active voters for change, universities such as Suffolk need to have student bodies that are aware, active and want the best for their place of education so that it can prosper and carry on.

Without these informed students, Suffolk is suffering and is able to get away with most anything. It’s time to hold Suffolk University accountable.

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  1. Michael Sears on August 31st, 2018 3:54 pm

    Just some of my notes –

    2008-2009 – Suffolk Pride to the maximum. Sure there was drama and social climbing, but students of all walks of life were getting involved in student organizations, networking, and helping Suffolk move. Some teachers could not speak English fluently, some were biased, but most did not teach and relied on the overpriced textbook. –(this lasted throughout all four years) The Ballotti Learning Center was pretty much the only place on “campus” where one imparted knowledge.

    2009-2010- A social shift. Many who were once involved in the student body no longer wanted to be. Nightlife in the city became their main prerogative. Most of the freshmen below us had little to no school spirit. A large number of my classmates either transferred or dropped out by the end of the year.

    2010-2011- A massive influx of foreign-born, middle eastern students. There was always international students at Suffolk, but at the Sawyer Business school, if you were American born, you were a minority. Many of these international students could not speak English fluently let alone write a six-page paper. If you were American in a group project with other classmates, you would most likely be the one who did all the work while they stared down at their iPad and played Temple Run. A professor investigated this and she got some bullshit number that it was a lower number than what I was experiencing, which was the first time I really questioned the administration’s morality, respectability, and intentions.

    2011-2012- It was like going to school in the twilight zone. Little to no assistance in finding jobs while there or work for after college. No unity among students, a very unfriendly, toxic environment. Club drug kids, brain dead international brats, those who suffered through it all, and Breana Pitts. A foolish fraternity and even dumber sorority that had members collectively pin down other students to create unnecessary social turmoil.

    2012-2013- Vacant. Dust in the wind.

    2013-Present – What the hell happened to Suffolk University?

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