Crippled by Debt: The harsh impacts of earning a degree

January 31, 2018

In Massachusetts, if someone defaults on their student loans and are unable to pay, the state can refuse to renew that person’s drivers license, transcripts will be withheld by universities and state tax refunds could be seized. In addition, the renewal of professional licenses for healthcare professionals, teachers, accountants, lawyers, among other fields, will be blocked for those who default on their student loans.

With the constant mention of student loans in today’s media and a pessimistic exploration of the idea of debt exclusive to students, the concept of students borrowing sums of money to pay for their education began almost 200 years ago.

Today, the price of earning a four-year degree can cost undergraduate students studying in the United States up to $200,000, depending on available scholarships, the original price of tuition at the specific university or college, whether the institution is private or public and the amount that the student or their family is able to provide toward the cost of attendance.

This semester, The Suffolk Journal’s ‘Press Line’ team will be investigating the impact of student loan debt not just on graduates wallets, but also their professional and personal lives.

Please email [email protected] for the chance to tell your personal story on facing student debt.

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