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Libertarian candidate Raccioppi takes stand against Moulton

Running against current incumbent Seth Moulton for the 6th Congressional District of Massachusetts is Politics, Philosophy and Economics major Samson Raccioppi.

He needs 2,000 signatures from voters registered in the Libertarian party within the district by February 2018. In a recent interview with The Suffolk Journal, Raccioppi said he is confident that by sharing his views he will be able to get his name on the ballot so constituents can vote by November 2018.

When he was 17, Raccioppi traveled around the New England area to fix the point of sale systems before starting his own business in 2003. Two years later, after he realized his business was not going to succeed, he joined the army after the Sept. 11, 2001 attack. After he came back from his deployment, Raccioppi kept a close ear to international politics while returning to the computer repair field.

Raccioppi was asked to be a speaker for the Free Speech rally that occurred in July, and volunteered to manage one of the stages at the recent Boston Freedom Rally in September 2017. He realized the potential of getting his name out to the people by doing these free, voluntary events so he can speak of federal policies that affect the state.

“I’d like to find a way to reduce the influence of the federal government within the state of Massachusetts, while maintaining a balanced budget,” said Raccioppi in a recent interview with The Journal.

Raccioppi spoke of how his views contrast the current Representative of the 6th district Seth Moulton, who is a combat veteran, as well as Carlos Hernandez, the Republican candidate also vying for the position.

“People are coming here for a reason from these countries. What is causing the demand? We’re the supplier of a place to go,” said Raccioppi. “For me to flee my area, it would have to be bad. So what is causing – and I’m not trying to be pejorative – their lives to be so bad for them to leave their homes and come to a place that’s hostile to them.”

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