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Editor’s word: Today is the day for journalism, yet people stay away

February 9, 2017

Calling all American thinkers, readers or general enthusiasts of fact. The very fabric of our Constitution is being called into question every day, yet The Suffolk Journal has maintained a staff of less than two dozen consistent writers for more than five years now. Newspapers are slowly going bankrupt and the same case can be made about American morals. Have we stopped caring? Is it not surprising anymore? Or is it general apathy?

Journalism needs the educated public more than anything right now, but you would never know that here at Suffolk. The fact that The Suffolk Journal, one of the strongest resume builders at this university, is constantly understaffed is disparaging to say the least. Is this what the next four years, or forty years, will be like? Or are you just waiting for someone else to tell you what is happening out there? Think about what we are doing here. The point is to learn, grow and then give back to the world around you. The vast majority of this planet doesn’t have these opportunities, but they continue to be squandered here on Beacon Hill every semester.

Make something of yourself. Grab a pen, notebook, laptop, bar napkin or whatever medium you need to tell the world what is happening. Every story matters.

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