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Suffolk research students thrive on bacteria

Suffolk research students thrive on bacteria
April 4, 2018
Suffolk biology students have been engrossed in their research on bacteria, aspiring to one day solve the mystery of how these microorganisms have the ability to cause lethal infection. With the ongoing battle to target and terminate antibiotic resistant bacteria, there is an incentive to study the life-threatening features of bacteria and find possible therapeutic interventions.

Think Pink: Small efforts shine while campus neglects awareness

Think Pink: Small efforts shine while campus neglects awareness
October 18, 2017
Suffolk University’s campus used to be washed in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since 2013, the October campus-wide stigma to raise awareness has lacked and only some individuals and departments have attempted to keep it alive.

Softball duo carries high school success to the diamond

Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics
April 19, 2017

From what was known as “some of the best years of [their] lives” to a college experience in the city, two softball players from Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Mass. have continued their...

Suffolk’s tuition hike continues up the hill of higher education

April 12, 2017
Suffolk University’s tuition continues to rise for the next fiscal year, however, the university remains “more affordable” than many other institutions across the Greater Boston area.

Maintenance struggles to keep up

April 12, 2017

Many students living on campus come to a university with the idea of creating roots and developing a home away from home. While dorm living for many is an opportunity to experience a type of independence...

Who then am I?

Felicity Otterbein / Arts Editor
Suffolk University Theatre Department’s “Orlando” shatters conventional concepts of gender identity.
April 11, 2017

For more photos from "Orlando," visit Uncovered with Flash.   Organized chaos. Perhaps one of the more ironically used oxymorons in the english language, is widely used to describe cluttered bedrooms...

A solid foundation, student work displayed at NESAD

Portrait illustrated by Lydia Tourtellotte.
Felicity Otterbein / Arts Editor
Students return to basics on order to move forward in art programs
April 5, 2017

In an end of the year celebration of talent and learning, the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University (NESAD) displayed work done by foundation studies students. Serving as a week-long...

Suffolk’s new MSBA seeks to fill future jobs

Chris DeGusto/ News Editor
March 9, 2017

The advancement of technology has engulfed not only some people’s personal lives, but gripped hold of the business world as well. In order to keep up with the constant demand for professionals that are...

Rothchild recounts grim scenes from Gaza

Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
March 6, 2017

For more than half a century, the people of the small independent Palestinian territory, Gaza, have been constrained to living under military rule in an environment that has been decimated by missile attacks...

Coast Guard vet looks to get feet wet in politics

Alexa Gagosz/ Editor-in-Chief
March 3, 2017

Student Government Association (SGA) Senator-at-Large for commuter students and Vice Presidential candidate Matt Wood found his way to Suffolk in a non-traditional fashion. Having served four years in...

University’s united push for diversity, the rocky road to inclusivity

University's united push for diversity, the rocky road to inclusivity
March 1, 2017

With Black Her/History Month over, and with the Trump administration’s highly scrutinized actions on immigration and transgender rights affecting the nation, the Suffolk community has been intent on...

Campus forum lectures inclusivity during Trump’s immigration crack-down

Chris DeGusto/ News Editor
March 1, 2017

Few seats were left open on Thursday when students, faculty and staff from the different divisions of Suffolk University gathered on the second floor of Sargent Hall for a campus forum on President Donald...

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