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Editor’s word: How can Suffolk stop students from transferring?

October 2, 2015

Over the course of the last year, Suffolk has made outstanding strides to streamline major aspects of the university. The obvious move away from Beacon Hill, the addition of the new athletic fields in East Boston and the seemingly endless discussions about what will happen next initially come to mind. With...

Editor’s word: Rolling Stone

April 8, 2015

Rolling Stone this week apologized for and redacted a November story titled, “A Rape on Campus,” which told the horrific story of a University of Virginia student who was raped at a fraternity. A review from the Columbia School of Journalism found that Rolling Stone did not use basic fact-checking...

Editor’s word: Community needs more accessibility to presidential search

April 1, 2015

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees has said multiple times that he hopes the Suffolk community will be involved in the search for the president to succeed Norman Smith. It’s encouraging to hear that the Board believes the opinions of students and faculty are important to this search. But the...

Editor’s word: NESAD should have own representative in presidential search committee

Editor's word: NESAD should have own representative in presidential search committee

March 25, 2015

Suffolk is searching for a new president, and the Board of Trustees has enlisted help from members of the university community in identifying and choosing the next leader. But, one section of the Suffolk community is grossly underrepresented in this search: The New England School of Art and Design. A...

Editor’s word: Where are the SGA e-board candidates?

March 4, 2015

For a school with countless alumni in high-ranking positions and working in the fields they chose and studied during their collegiate years, Suffolk appears to have far too few students devoted and interested right now. It is time for elections for the next executive board of the Student Government...

Editor’s word: Student’s rights compromised

February 25, 2015

This week, our lead story focuses on a student who posted a photo on Facebook, and was subsequently asked by the university to remove it. The photo displayed a bug in the Miller Residence Hall’s dining area. Posting a photo to Facebook falls under a citizen’s first amendment rights. The countr...

Editor’s word: A make-up day for students and professors should not be a day off for everyone else

Melissa Hanson/Journal Staff

February 18, 2015

While it was fair that Suffolk University chose to hold classes on President’s Day after a barrage of snowstorms canceled multiple Mondays, it was unfair that employees across every university department did not have to report to work. This may sound like a childish complaint. And, it is a complaint....

Editor’s word: Honesty is the best policy

February 12, 2015

Growing up, our parents and teachers always reminded us to share, repeated the golden rule incessantly, and stressed the importance of telling the truth. But these seemingly elementary concepts are important throughout our entire lives, the latter coming into light recently, when the world discovered...

Editor’s word: Suffolk needs transparency on monetary gifts

Editor's word: Suffolk needs transparency on monetary gifts

November 12, 2014

We need answers. The students, parents of students, alumni, and faculty at Suffolk need answers. The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation reports that in the calendar year of 2012 it gave Suffolk University just more than $44,000. Suffolk University has reported that in three years the foundation...

Editor’s word: What Baker promises for college students

November 5, 2014

Early Wednesday morning, Charlie Baker was projected to be Massachusetts' next governor, catapulting him to a position that will have a lot of power over college students. Baker’s proposals to improve Massachusetts’ higher education reflect his no-frills approach to government. Instead of throwing...

Editor’s word: Growing attention on sexual assault

October 8, 2014

This is the second time this year an editorial is appearing in our paper on sexual assault. The chief of the Suffolk University Police Department said in an interview with The Suffolk Journal that he does not believe sexual assault is becoming more prevalent on campuses, but rather, that it is getting...

Editor’s word: Suffolk’s top 10

September 24, 2014

On the front page of today’s edition, the Journal published the full salaries of Suffolk’s top 10 highest paid employees. This information was gathered from public documents and represents the 2012 calendar year. Though it may seem alarming to read that the university is paying more than $3...

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