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Letter to the editor: Statement of candidacy

Letter to the editor: Statement of candidacy

February 15, 2017

Dear Students, It is with great excitement that I announce my candidacy for President of the Suffolk University Student Government Association (SGA).  SGA is the organization that directly represents students here at Suffolk and acts as the voice, eyes and ears of the student body. For the past aca...

Letter to the editor: Do not trust Russia

January 21, 2017

Does President Donald Trump trust Communist Russia, but distrust our intelligence agencies? Will Trump stand up to Russia, an adversary of the US, a country that wants to spread its Communist totalitarianism to Europe, the Middle East and North America?  Trump might be hesitant to admit Russia hack...

A word from SGA: Dec. 7, 2016

December 7, 2016

Dear Suffolk Students, Finals week is near and we’d like to wish you all the best of luck with the end of the semester. SGA will continue to work over the break, so if you experience any difficulties or challenges with life at Suffolk, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] We wi...

Letter to the editor: Autopsy of Clinton’s loss: Staff never learned

Donald Moskowitz

December 7, 2016

I am perturbed that Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff are blaming FBI Director James Comey for her election defeat. Director Comey sent out a letter to Congress 11 days prior to the election reopening the investigation into Clinton’s emails. Two days before the election, he stated that there wa...

A word from SGA: Nov. 29, 2016

November 29, 2016

Dear Suffolk University, We hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break! The semester is winding down, and we wish you all the best of luck on your finals. As the semester ends, SGA will continue to work hard and be present for all students. If you face any challenges on campus, including with pro...

Letter to the editor: I’m ready for a Trump presidency

November 22, 2016

We have to support Donald Trump so he can hopefully perform well as President. He won the election, and a large segment of the U.S. population has spoken. I agree with many of the policies he wants to implement, and I believe he will stop the nasty rhetoric that he used in the primaries and the general ...

Letter to the editor: The Founding Fathers got it right

November 16, 2016

The 2016 presidential election is behind us and many are surprised – some disappointed and others jubilant. Criticism of the Electoral College by both sides has become the bold new national sentiment. Surely, it is antiquated. Surely, it must go. Surely, we can do better. And we can! The Founding Fathers w...

A word from SGA: Nov. 16, 2016

November 16, 2016

Dear Suffolk Students, On Monday and Tuesday of this week, there were 2 Town Hall Forums for all students, held by the Board of Trustees’ Presidential Search Committee. These were open dialogues for the students to ask questions and for the committee to update the student body on the search process. If ...

A word from SGA: Nov. 9, 2016

November 10, 2016

Dear Suffolk University, At last week’s SGA meeting, we were joined by a representative from the International Student Services Office. She gave us information about our international students and how we can better help them. Please read more from that presentation when we post the minutes from t...

Letter to the editor: “Micro-aggressions:” too much, too soon

November 10, 2016

Dear Trustees, As a “Free American,” from my earliest days, I have been greatly irritated by “group punishments” inflicted for one or a small group of those in whichever place I was subject to authority of those too lazy (or tyrannical) to detect offenders and selectively punish only them. ...

Letter to the editor: No consistency, no contributions

November 2, 2016

Dear Acting President Kelly, Many Suffolk alumni are furious beyond measure that the university has spent millions of dollars for presidents that come and go. Six presidents in six years when the average tenure of a university president is five years. Is that our best use of resources? When alums r...

A word from SGA: Nov. 2, 2016

November 2, 2016

Dear Suffolk Students, Last week Board of Trustees Chairman, Bob Lamb, and Trustee, Chair of the Presidential Search Committee, John Brooks, spoke at the SGA meeting. The two Trustees updated SGA on the status of the Presidential Search Committee and the actions of the entire Board of Trustees. Check...

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