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Head of Suffolk polling talks to the Journal

January 27, 2010

Article by: Jeff Fish "When you have polls that make that kind of an impact make sure the polls are right." In the race to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, which resulted in one of the biggest upsets...

Coakley and Brown head to general election

December 9, 2009

Brief By: Derek Anderson At 8:54 p.m. last night, Martha Coakley was announced early as the winner in the Democratic Senate Primary. With an overwhelming 47 percent, Coakley has taken the votes of most...

Sargent a no-show at SGA Forum

December 9, 2009

Article By: Jeff Fish and Angela Bray In light of recent controversies surrounding President David Sargent’s salary, the SGA hosted a forum yesterday in the C. Walsh Theater where students could voice...

Peace groups speak out against troop surge

December 9, 2009

Article By: Shoshana Akins A mere 24 hours after President Obama announced that he would send an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, the Boston area peace groups United for Justice and Peace...

New Website enhances student discounts

December 9, 2009

Article By: Ethan M. Long Among the websites geared towards college students gaining popularity this year, one website is looking to help college students easily receive discounts and cash back at locations...

Hertzberg supports National Popular Vote: Discusses plans to eliminate Electoral College

December 9, 2009

Article By: Derek Anderson Author of ¡Obámanos! and senior editor and writer for The New Yorker, Hendrick Hertzberg hosted a forum in 73 Tremont Monday night, promoting the idea of National Popular...

Democratic candidates debate at Suffolk

December 2, 2009

Article By: Alex Pearlman Sen. Ted Kennedy’s senate seat is up for grabs next month, and while many thought the race for the next junior senator from Massachusetts would be a long and dramatic one,...

Brown is ‘decent’ at Suffolk GOP event

December 2, 2009

Article By: Jeff Fish While the candidates for the Democratic primary have garnered much attention recently, whoever wins on Dec. 8 will most likely have to face Republican front runner Mass. State...

Suffolk Democrats support Capuano, prepare for election

December 2, 2009

Article By: Matt McQuaid With the special election for the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s seat only a week away, campaign activities have been kicking into high gear. There are four candidates...

GOP gears up for election

December 2, 2009

Article By: Angela Bray The Suffolk GOP has been extremely active this semester, according to President Karl Hoffman, planning various events around campus, fundraising, and now becoming involved with...

Suffolk student manages mayoral campaign

December 2, 2009

Article By: Derek Anderson Suffolk’s political touch stretches farther with sophomore Pat Johnson who recently has worked on the Setti Warren campaign, the mayor-elect of Newton. His experience...

Democratic consultant talks about primary

December 2, 2009

Article By: Jeff Fish With only one week left until the primaries that will decide the two nominees to replace Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, Democratic consultant Mary Anne Marsh spoke to the Journal...

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