Spotlight on the Vietnamese Student Association

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Spotlight on the Vietnamese Student Association

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Tyler Burke  Journal Staff

The Vietnamese Student Association at Suffolk University is more than just a student organization, but a family with purpose, says Vice President Jeanette Dong. Dong commented on their very large student group and expressed the nature of their presence on campus.

The organization’s self-proclaimed mission is to provide the opportunity for the community to explore Vietnamese culture, traditions, and customs. They strive to create better communication between Asian students and students from other countries, and to help each other with the difficulties of college life outside their homeland. The club strives to promote diversity outside of the Vietnamese culture base in compliance with their mission and goals as an integrated organization.

The Vietnamese Student Association is an extremely active organization encouraging events on and off campus, whose first event was Pho Night. On October 11, the club went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown called “Pho Hoa.” At the restaurant, the club got to taste many traditional dishes including called Pho, which many of the members fervently ordered. The night was a great bonding moment for old members engaging the new members.

Another feature event planned for this semester is the annual “Casino and Game Night.” They expect well over 40 people to arrive, playing many types of card games and board games. All of the proceeds from this event will benefit a Vietnamese charity. This fun-filled night, complete with food, drinks, and prizes, will take place on November 8.

Spring rolls anyone? That’s right, the VSA will be hosting “Make Your Own Spring Roll Night,” where students will be able to make their own spring rolls and eat them right after. This event will take place on November 2.

Aside from all the events that take place within the Suffolk community, the VSA also collaborates with Vietnamese student organizations at Boston University, Northeastern, MIT and UMass Amherst. This interconnected community in the area provides for both networking relationships and brainstorming opportunities, contributing to the already prominent member base

The Vietnamese Student Association invites you to come along to their events, as they are always accepting new members. Please email Jeanette Dong at

[email protected] for more information.