The Journal takes on the Oscars

The Journal takes on the Oscars

What our staff has to say.




The Academy Awards on Sunday night proved a few things that were already buzzing back and forth: Meryl Streep is indeed the best living actress currently walking the earth. Billy Crystal still isn’t funny. George Clooney was shown on screen, as expected, probably more than any other celeb. The Bridesmaids continue to stay hilarious. The Artist and Hugo were (much deserved) award hounds, winning multiple Oscars. And Woody Allen won again, and was, again, a no show. Like a boss. Overall, it wasn’t too shabby of an awards show.
-Derek Anderson, managing editor


This year’s Oscar ceremony seemed pretty bland as they picked the worst guy to be host, yet again. It seemed as if Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez were already trashed within the first hour, until it seemed as if everyone in the room was trashed. There were a few political speeches which seemed to be totally ignored as Meryl Streep once again won an Oscar, surprising nobody. Advertisements for GBC or whatever were dumb, as they didn’t really give the audience an explanation as to what it was exactly. Perhaps the strangest part of the entire show, however, was how young Scorsese’s date was. Seriously!
-Ethan Long, news editor


The Academy Awards is easily my favorite awards show to watch every year, and it was great to have Billy Crystal back hosting. He was on his A-game with the one-liners for sure. I was a bit shocked to see The Artist win Best Picture after the night started with Hugo taking so many awards, but the film was a great throwback to the early days of cinema and I can certainly understand why it took home the night’s most coveted award.
-Alex Hall, asst. sports editor


As usual, I haven’t seen any of the Best picture nominees, but I’d like to see several of them including The Artist, Hugo, and The Iron Lady. The category I most cared about this year was best song, which was “Man or Muppet” from the Muppets. I loved The Muppets and I’m a big Jason Segal fan, so I was happy for him. He just looked so starstruck on the red carpet and he looked like he was about to cry when “Man or Muppet” won. My biggest qualm with the awards was how badly Harry Potter was snubbed. It should have been nominated for Best Picture as a nod to an incredible movie franchise. Alan Rickman not only should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actor his moving performance as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, but he should have won. Rickman is an amazing actor and Snape was the role of his lifetime.
-Jeff Fish, editor-in-chief


Angelina Jolie is not hotter than Jennifer Aniston.
-Michael Christina, opinion editor


Billy Crystal was the best part, funny as always. Also, did anybody actually see The Artist besides movie critics?
-Alex Mellion, asst. sports editor