Editors’ Super Bowl Predictions

Editors Super Bowl Predictions

Patriots 31 Giants 20

“The Patriots are going to win because they simply have too many offensive weapons. Tom Brady will have his best Super Bowl yet, as he will win his third Super Bowl MVP and the Pat’s dynasty will continue.”

-Mike Giannattasio, Sports Editor

Giants 31 Patriots 28

“The Giants got hot at the right time once again.”

-Alex Hall, Asst. Sports Editor

Patriots 31 Giants 13

“It’ll be close, until the opening kickoff.”

-Alex Mellion, Asst. Sports Editor

Patriots 35 Giants 17

“Because Tom Brady is not going to ‘suck’ two games in a row.”

-Jeff Fish, Editor-In-Chief

Patriots 24 Giants 21

“We need to prove history doesn’t always repeat iself.”

-Derek Anderson, Managing Editor

Patriots 9 Giants 6

“Going to be a slow game. Go Bears!”

-Ivan Favelevic, International Editor

Patriots 17 Giants 14

“I like how we all think the Patriots are going to win.”

-Ethan M. Long, News Editor

Patriots 32 Giants 29

“If Madonna has a wardrobe malfunction, then the Patriots got this one in the bag.”

-Mike Christina, Opinion Editor

Giants 21 Patriots 14

“Sorry Tom Brady.”

-Allison Thibault, Asst. Arts Editor

Patriots 57 Giants 23

“The team with the blue, white, and red uniforms are going to win.”

-Soleil Barros, Asst. News Editor