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A winter night turned summer rom com: Ashley Kutcher sells out Berklee’s Red Room

Courtesy of Justin Higuchi via Flickr
Ashley Kutcher on stage during a performance.

It was a night of front row tears, rom-com covers and lyricism that’s comparable to Shakespeare. Up and coming artist Ashley Kutcher sold out Berklee College’s Cafe 939 Red Room on Feb. 6 in Boston’s Back Bay. 

Kutcher is a passionate singer-songwriter from Baltimore who has amassed a following of more than 250k followers on TikTok since the release of her most streamed song “Love You From a Distance,” a testament to a break up she endured. 

Kutcher has released two albums so far, from which she performed 14 songs as well as one cover. The albums “One Eighty” and “Survive My Own Mind” were released in 2021 and 2022, respectively, and they are just the beginning of her imprint on the music industry.

Rosie Darling, a Boston native, opened for Kutcher with a 30-minute performance and undeniably set Kutcher up for success with her crowd work and euphonias voice. Despite minor technical difficulties, Darling persevered through her set filled with songs about young love and youth’s fleeting nature. 

Her song “Golden Age” encapsulated the feeling of missing out on one’s youth, something a lot of college students in the crowd could relate to. Darling’s raw talent and voice like honey engulfed the audience, a juxtaposition from Kutcher’s entrance filled with sirens, thunder and rain pattering throughout the speakers of the venue.

Kutcher was greeted on stage by an excited and loyal audience of fans, bringing an immense confidence and power in her presence. Throughout the entirety of the show, Kutcher’s dry humor and “heart-on-her-sleeve” attitude did not falter, shining a spotlight on not only her talent, but her authenticity. 

On the train ride over I filled my headphones with tracks from Kutcher including “Love You From a Distance,” “Love You More” and her newest single “Everyone And No One”. Though I thought my AirPods could portray her talent, I was happily mistaken. Kutcher’s onstage presence, as well as vocals, are unlike any other starting artist I’ve seen live. Her live vocals felt like lounging on the roof on a summer night with your friends – giggling, crying and singing until your stomach is sore from passion and life. Kutcher’s voice and discography encapsulates everything from heartache to lust to love, a parallel of a summer rooftop night. 

Though the energy of the concert was high, Kutcher played numerous songs about her past relationships, one being her second song of the night, “Only Love Me Broken.” Kutcher explained to the audience how the song was about “wanting to change for the better, but [being] scared you’ll lose someone in the process,” an ode to the confusion of growing up. The song seemed to be an extremely special song to Kutcher, as she seemed entranced in her performance of it, almost as if she was reliving it – a tell of a great artist. 

The concert proceeded with more songs from Kutcher’s albums, including “The Night You Left,” “When You’re Not Okay” and a title song “Survive My Own Mind”, until Kutcher decided to switch it up and pull out a cover of “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. 

“I feel like this song is in every rom com,” Kutcher stated as she strummed the first couple cords and entranced the audience in a soulful sway as the cords swam through the air like a dragonfly in a rose garden. Everyone who knew it was singing along, a little pick me up from the heartfelt songs played prior. Kutcher completed the second half of her set with her newest release “Everyone and No One,” as well as “Love You From a Distance,” two songs that have gained traction on TikTok and the majority of the audience seemed to know.

Her newest release, “Everyone and No One,” revolved around a “situationship,” as she described it, that “didn’t want her around their friends and family” and wasn’t “excited to have her in front of the people they love.” Kutcher was astounded that the crowd knew the lyrics since the song was just released this year.

To wrap up the night, Kutcher ran back on stage to play her most streamed song, “Love You From a Distance” to which the entire audience sang along – a painstakingly beautiful way to end the night. After the last cord concluded, Kutcher went backstage before greeting fans by the merchandise. 

Ashley Kutcher is a confident, talented, and passionate individual with an apparent love and excitement for performing. I have no doubt that her performance at the Red Room will not be the last Boston hears of her.

Follow Maeve on twitter @maevefitz14

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    Debbie mollomoFeb 8, 2023 at 4:03 pm

    I predict that Maeve Fitzgerald is destined for greatness …..she has a way with words that flow like silk from her brain to her pen…..she is the next great writer of her generation. Great piece Maeve.

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A winter night turned summer rom com: Ashley Kutcher sells out Berklee’s Red Room