OPINION: What could be more mysterious than life? My answer is death.

I’ve always been curious about whether there is life after death. At night, you can’t help but wonder: what happens when a person’s eyes close forever? When people receive a fatal diagnosis, they get scared, they ask doctors in panic and tears, “Will it hurt?” 

I always come back to the same conclusion: It ends sooner or later.

Death scares people so much that they persistently continue to look for a way to prevent it, and even think that some people who have already died are still alive and only staged their demise.

The public is always shocked when a celebrity or public figure dies under inexplicable circumstances in the prime of their life. Thousands of people  conduct unofficial investigations, make guesses and shout about conspiracy theories. Sometimes, it even comes to rallies and complete absurdity.

On Aug. 31, 1997, the world-famous and beloved Princess Diana died in Salpetriere Hospital from injuries sustained in a car accident. 25 years have passed since her death, and some people still do not believe that she is no longer alive. 

There are hundreds of  theories that the Princess of Wales is still walking among us.. Some believe that it was a very elaborate staging of death to avoid the attention of the press.

Princess Diana was quite the controversial person, both for the public and the royal family. She knew too much to simply, and without consequences, “get out of the game.” Many are of the opinion that MI6, or the Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom, is behind this tragedy. 

On the fateful night of her death, the driver of the Mercedes, Arnie Paul, was drunk, according to official testimony. But some of the public considered the medical reports to be fake and came to the conclusion that the car crash was rigged by the special services.

A striking example of the persecution of deaths is the demise of the most iconic figures and a sex symbol of the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe. The modern world will probably never see such a woman. 

She is credited with having an alleged affair with former President John F. Kennedy, a theory that still fascinates millions today. It is well known that the actress was found dead in her bedroom on Aug. 4, 1962. 

The official cause of death was called acute barbiturate poisoning, and the police report included the mysterious phrase “possibly suicide.” People were shocked by the death of the beloved actress. Many claimed that it was murder, although no traces of violent death were found on the body of Monroe. 

The actress had a rather difficult and hard life. The constant attention of the cameras and the public gradually extinguished the fire that burned in her eyes. Perhaps it was suicide. Perhaps someone really wanted her dead, because she, like Lady Di, knew too much, especially if her affair with Kennedy is true. But even now, after so many years, people cannot calm down and continue to cover the topic of her death, coming up with more and more new theories.

No one will ever know what happened to these people. No one will ever tell us if there is life after death. We can only wait for our time to expire and try to live it so that, when dying, there is something to remember.