Passion in art: WBUR honors POC artists in Greater Boston


Ekaterina Vorotnikova

Artists honored at WBUR’s Makers event take the stage in Allston’s CitySpace.

On Sept. 22, WBUR CitySpace hosted a celebration honoring emerging artists of color in Boston.

The event was a new vision, a riot of colors and different styles giving birth to stunning contemporary works of art. The collective was made up of dancers, mechanics, poets, photographers and fighters for their words. 

After entering the doors of the hall, attendees were greeted by the mystical works of Daniel Callahan, which reflected the uniqueness of the human face. The hall was also decorated with works by Nygel Jones, an unusual combination of fantastic landscapes in intricate tree shapes. Guests crowded around the pieces in order to get a better look and absorb the fresh energy of these up and coming artists.

The rainy atmosphere and bustling city helped convey the complexity of the work being showcased. Dozens of guests were dressed to match the style of the event, expressing themselves. One viewer wore a lush red dress with a deep neckline, and another wore an extraordinary pantsuit with rhinestones. There were those who preferred a simpler style, adding some bright element with accessories such as earrings or high-heeled shoes. 

The audience approvingly applauded the 15 honored artists out of the 50 that took the stage. All of them were stunningly unique and amazing, highlighting their individual abilities and capturing the viewer.

The energetic yet relaxing music combined with the blue and pink tones throughout the venue inspired guests to dance and enjoy the notes of art that hovered around.

The height of the event was marked by a graceful pole dance from Olivia Moon, who doubles as a photographer. The audience couldn’t take their eyes off of her invigorating performance.  

Yvette Modestin read one of her poems dedicated to love for herself and her people, discussing a call to understanding yourself and others with passion, which Moon conveyed on stage.

The culmination of the evening was an eloquent performance by Lily Rose Valore, a dancer and transgender activist. She conveyed her own art in dance moves as she managed to charm the whole audience into such a mood where people couldn’t help but dance. They smiled and moved to the beat of her music.

A huge amount of words of praise were written both to the organizers of the event and to those responsible for the celebration, without whom this event would not have taken place.

After a standing ovation, the guests immersed themselves in the rhythmic music of the DJ and dissolved into the atmosphere of unique art. They had become an integral part of it.