Maddy Burton: scoring you your next home

Suffolk University graduate student Maddy Burton is best known on campus as one of the stars of the women’s hockey team, but off the ice, she’s making a name for herself as a realtor. 

Burton is no stranger to the world of real estate, with both her mother and brother being realtors. Not only has Burton been able to learn from them, but they are a reference that she is always able to use.

“When I was little, I used to go on showings with [my mom],” Burton said. “I know the lingo, talking to clients, I got introduced to that at a young age. Now that I’m doing it on my own, I ask them for help at times, so it’s nice to have them there for support and help.”

Burton began her endeavors in real estate over the summer of 2021, where she took a 40-hour course and got her real estate license. In September, she got a job as a realtor at Boston Property Group. 

Finishing her undergraduate degree last year as a marketing major, Burton would like to explore what the field has to offer, but a career in real estate is her main focus. 

“I like [real estate] because it’s not really an office job,” Burton said. “I can’t do a nine-to-five. Also, you put in as much as you want out of it, and I think I’m someone who’s hard working and determined to do well. It’s cool to see how much I put in and how much I can get out of it.”

Although hockey is much more of a team effort than being a realtor, Burton noted that playing hockey has taught her valuable skills that she can use as a realtor. 

“[That includes] time management I learned from playing hockey my whole life,” Burton said. “Doing athletics and academics at the same time, so managing my time, getting my work done on time, it’s pretty applicable to real estate because having accountability for myself is transferred over from hockey.” 

Burton in a game against Endicott College on Feb. 18. (Jamie Taris)

Working as a realtor this year at the same time as playing for Suffolk’s women’s hockey team, there were many days where Burton would have practice in the afternoon, then go right to work. She said it wasn’t as difficult as it might sound because she’s only a part time student, so it allowed her to put more effort into her real estate work.

Burton’s work is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by her teammates. Senior captain Madison Duff said Burton’s real estate work is part of what makes her a great role model. 

“When I think about what she does, how she goes to work every day then does school and hockey on the side, I don’t know how she does it,” said Duff. “I’m definitely glad to have her as one of the captains so it’s something for the younger girls to look up to because it’s like ‘Wow, she’s graduated, has a job and still gets to the rink every day and works hard.”

Burton has already found success in obtaining clients. Not only is she helping some of her teammates find apartments, but she has created an Instagram account for her real estate brand. 

“In the Suffolk community, I am pretty fortunate to be able to network with a lot of students,” Burton said. “I know a decent amount of students, so it’s really nice that I could branch out and express what I’m doing and then people can use me for real estate.” 

“I do have my real estate Instagram and I’ve followed all my Suffolk friends and literally from there I got people messaging me saying ‘Hey Maddy, can you help me find an apartment for next year?’ So it’s really cool how it has played out so far,” she continued.

Burton is set to earn her graduate certificate in teams and innovation this semester, meaning her college career with Suffolk women’s hockey is now in the rearview mirror. Although she doesn’t know what her future in the sport will hold, Burton says that hockey will still be a part of her life. 

Burton and her co-workers at Boston Property Group. (Courtesy of Maddy Burton)

“I think I’m still gonna play recreationally, just for a good workout and because hockey is fun,” Burton said. “It’s a hard sport once you’re done with it because you can’t be put back in that team setting like playing on a university team, but I’ll be including hockey in my life in some way or another.”

Although Burton will miss the camaraderie of the locker room, she’s excited for this next chapter. If you need help finding a place to rent, you can contact Burton @MadisonBurtonRealEstate on Instagram.

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