Communities that rise up stay strong

This past Friday, Suffolk University tragically lost student Annie Bridget McDevitt Tate. We are heartbroken by Annie’s passing and as a community we mourn the loss.

Death within a community can cause enormous holes that are difficult to patch. This is where the true beauty of community comes into fruition.

Every community has its own interrelated elements that help it function. Each element contributes in its own way. Where one member of a community lacks, another will fill in, and vice versa. That’s what makes communities thrive.

Here at the Suffolk Journal, our community comes in the form of determined individuals who drop responsibilities on a weekly basis to produce and publish a weekly paper.

Our team consists of different writers, editors, photographers, cartoonists with all different titles and ranks.

Beyond mere titles and positions, each of us are unique in what we do and how we act. The journal has five sections: News, World News, Arts, Opinion and Sports.

Week after week, our 16-page paper hits campus shelves, stockpiled with stories and photos that appeal to all sorts of different social groups and types of people.

We help each other write, edit, format and publish. When somebody needs assistance with a certain aspect of the production process, others step up to help.

As proud as we all are to be apart of the journal, we are all members of an even greater community; the Suffolk University community.

As students at Suffolk, it is deeply saddening to read and hear about the tragic passing of Annie Tate, but tragedy is truly what strengthens a community.

Look at Kobe Bryant for example. After his tragic death in late January, the National Basketball Association (NBA) came together, growing stronger and becoming better in its entirety.

Players and coaches alike were stunned by his death, and despite the overwhelming sadness they all felt, they were able to find strength in numbers and help one another.

This is exactly what we should intend on doing here at Suffolk. Instead of letting tragic losses such as Annie define us, we should come together and allow positive energy to rise up out of the darkness.

This starts by embracing the Suffolk culture. Many students attended the men’s basketball game this past Tuesday and wore green in honor of Annie’s favorite color.

There are really a plethora of ways to become a bigger part of the Suffolk community.

Tell your friends you appreciate them. Tell your family you love them. Keep optimism at an all time high and show up to your classes.

Also, be sure to live life to the fullest. Give 110% on the group project. If you play a sport, leave it all on the field or court. Don’t go to bed thinking there was something you could have done better.

Overall, be the best version of yourself. Each student is a vital part of this community. It’s up to us to encourage one another to be the best we can be every day. That is the only way the community will strengthen

Just remember, college is four short years. Living on campus with your classmates doesn’t last forever. Wake up every day and be a part of the Suffolk culture. Do what you can to rise up and be an outstanding member of our community.

~ The Suffolk Journal Staff