A note from the Suffolk Environmental Club:

A note from the Suffolk Environmental Club:

The Suffolk Environmental Club (SEC) aims to educate the Suffolk community about good sustainability practices, top local and international news regarding the environment and advocates for an overall cleaner, healthier Earth. SEC’s President, Adriano Pucci, and other members of the Executive Board have planned var- ious trips, movie nights and worked across campus on ways that the Suffolk Community can educate themselves and learn about the importance of pro- tecting the Earth. Join SEC to learn about upcoming events and tips on what you can do to make a difference.

In November, SEC visited the Harvard Arboretum to learn about the preser- vation of nature; it was fascinating to observe plants at their final stages in preparation for the winter and a quick hike up Peter’s Hill provided a beau- tiful view of the Boston skyline. The Arboretum provides knowledge of the diversity of plants, trees, shrubs, and much more all located in an urban set- ting; this, in turn, helps students gain an appreciation and understanding of the preservation of nature outside the classroom.

The textile industry is one of the largest pollutants in the world. In every step of the manufacturing process, large amounts of energy are required and waste is produced. Disposal is usually in the form of incineration or dumping in landfills. SEC members are running a clothing swap to raise awareness about the harms of fast fashion. Buying fair-trade and eco-friendly clothing isn’t always budget friendly, however consumers can reduce their impact by reusing clothes and thrifting. Adding to the life of a garment and allowing for the reuse of resources before clothes can be discarded reduces the need for pro- duction of as many new clothes.

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