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The Commuter Student’s 6 Best Friends

I’ve been commuting to campus since September 2012. I have spent literally hundreds of hours in classes, at events, in rehearsals, and…waiting for the next thing to happen while I don’t have enough time to pop by home and back. I’ve commuted from Central Square, Porter Square, and Harvard Ave in my time as a commuter student, so it’s safe to say I know the ins and outs of how to life hack the commute.

Let’s talk about my best friends over the past 2 years.

A No-Spill Travel Mug

I’m broke enough to not be living in the dorms. That means in too broke to be buying Dunkins every day (and you’re welcome, I’m not one of those people SWISH SWISH-ing my iced coffee during class.) So, my first bestie of commuter life has been my Thermos Nissan coffee mug. It doesn’t spill, so well that sometimes I can’t even get it to open enough to actually drink from it.

And I’m not kidding even a little bit, I just managed to spill it all over myself as I was typing this section. What the heck? At least my shirt is black, so nobody can tell, right? (…Right?)

Weather Wear That Matches Any Outfit

Non-patterned rain boots. Black snow boots. Neutral colored jackets. I can be fashionable AND practical when I’m not trying to match my outfit to some crazy flowered rain boots or a brightly colored rain jacket. Easy life.

Classes That Don’t Require You To Bring A Textbook

Who wants to put in the effort to carry that all day? No. NO. Just…no.

Professors who don’t make me carry extra crap around all day, you da real MVP.

The Rhino-Sized, Industrial Bag

I have a lot to carry some days. Snacks from home, notebooks, textbooks, a laptop, pens…Ain’t nobody got time to be cute and carry around a dainty little bag. No, I have to industrial size this junk so I can make it through the day.

Now, the backpack is the best way to go. You distribute the weight of everything well. Just don’t be one of those people who wears their backpack backwards like a pregnant belly. That’s just…weird.

Early Registration Time

The commuter’s worst enemy? One class endingĀ at 11:50, then not having another until 5. It’s not like you can go HOME in between, so what the heck are you going to do around campus? Maybe there’s an event you can get free food at? Should you hang around the library or the computer lab?

Let’s face it. A commuter student’s best friend is a perfect schedule.

Friends who have a meal plan who buy you food. Or text you when free food is happening on campus.

Free food is the best kind of food. Especially if you have the kind of friend who voluntarily buys you food from Cafe 73.

And what about that kid who literally never bought food for a year, and just went to campus events? Sure he probably lived on Sodexo pizza and brownies, but I judge him absolutely 0%. He probably had GREAT friends.

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The Commuter Student’s 6 Best Friends