Genres unite their talents to deliver dynamic performance at Super Bowl halftime show

By Ellie Hawkins

The Super Bowl is an event that brings people together whether they are football fanatics or not. The whole day has something for every age group to enjoy. There is the puppy and kitty bowl for the kids and grandmothers, funny commercials for all maturity groups, talented performers and the game for all variations of viewers.

This year the match up was between the Broncos and the Seahawks with the Seahawks being the underdogs.

The 48th edition started off with suspension and excitement as the coin was tossed. Joe Namath ended up having to redo the coin toss because no one called heads or tails before. The Seahawks won the coin toss and the defensive team opted to defer its coin toss win and let the Broncos receive. Sports analysts thought the Seahawks would want initial possession of the ball to get a head start in the game.

The Seahawks decision worked to their advantage as the Denver Broncos center Manny Ramirez had a bad snap to quarterback Peyton Manning that resulted in a safety for Seattle. The Seahawks went on to take over the first quarter with two field goals gaining a 8-0 lead over the Broncos.

As the Seahawks were leading with a score in the 20’s, the Broncos had not even put a single point on the board. The teams cleared the field for the highly-anticipated Halftime performance.

This year’s halftime show featured Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. In the past the halftime performance have not always been versatile of different music lovers’ genres.

Bruno Mars’ grand performance gave a good sense of variety to all age groups, as he touched upon a rockstar feel for the honorable set time.

(Photo courtesy of Super Bowl XLVIII)

There was appropriate dancing and no technical difficulty, which has been an issue in the past including: blackouts, exposed breasts and provocative dancing.

Bruno Mars, one of the younger acts to perform at the Super Bowl, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers have great vocal chords and did an amazing job singing live.

Mars started the show with a drum solo and then the whole set slid back to connect with the rest of the stage. He displayed pure talent during his performance while he sang hit songs including “Locked Out of Heaven” and “Just The Way You Are.”

Mars ended his performance singing “Just the Way You Are” on a small single circle stage, by himself, in the middle of the field. This gave the audience and viewers a chance to take in his true raw talent and focus on the lyrics he was singing. It showed viewers that they should be happy and proud of who they are.

As the third quarter started it seemed like the Broncos might make a comeback; they got eight points on the board. This seemed to anger the Seahawks, who just focused more and worked hard until the end. The Seahawks won the Super Bowl 43-8. As the blue and green streamers fell around their team you could see how proud they were to have won

Super Bowl XLVIII featured some heartwarming and funny commercials. Some of the best Super Bowl commercials were from Budweiser, Cheerios, Jaguar, Radio Shack, Chobani and Seinfeld.  Some of the worst commercials were SodaStream, Beats and Ford.

It seemed as if they expected the actors to just sell their commercial without much effort. Some of the notable ones were Doritos, Carmax and Heinz. As always there will be amazing, fair and dull Super Bowl commercials, but that is the fun of it all seeing what companies will come up with next year. So cheers to another great Super Bowl.