STUDENT FEATURE: Anthony Mangini

Anthony Mangini

InstaRam: What is your major/year?
ANTHONY MANGINI: Media Studies/ Junior

What activities are you involved in on and off campus?
MANGINI: I’m in the WSUB Video Production Club, and I also work in the Ridgeway Media Lab.

How did you find your way around campus? What advice do you have for the incoming freshmen?
MANGINI: Just exploring around was a good way to find cool places. I recommend having some sort of an idea of what you want to do and try and meet some of the professors in that field. The actual Advisors aren’t necessarily the best for your exact field.

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Suffolk?
MANGINI: My greatest accomplishment at Suffolk was probably winning three “Rammy Awards” one for Black and White Photography, one for Color Photography, and one for Spor News Photography.

Random Question: What is the worst part of your typical day? The best?
MANGINI: Worst part of my day? I try not to have a specifically scheduled bad part of my every day day. But I mean, always getting out of bed it usually trouble. Best Part of my day is probably just getting back to my room after a long day and hanging out with my roommates and friends.