STUDENT FEATURE: Ashley Niemiec, SGA Awards Host

Tonight, the SGA Leadership Awards will feature a very special host: Ashley Niemiec, an original group member of Sketchual Misconduct. Ashley is beautiful, talented, witty, and one of the kindest friends we’ve ever known…and we were lucky enough to get the chance to ask her a few questions while she prepared for the night’s hosting duties!

INSTARAM: What is your major/year?
ASHLEY NIEMIEC: Psych Major, 2015

Ashley Niemiec

What activities are you involved in on/off campus?
NIEMIEC: On campus I am often involved in PAO productions, the very attractive Sketchual Misconduct, and the TWLOHA UChapter though I don’t go to the meetings and mostly just post in their Facebook group.

Explain your work with Sketchual Misconduct. What is your favorite character/sketch?
NIEMIEC: I am one of the four remaining members of Sketch who have been there since its conception and cannot picture my life without it. Well I can but it would involve a lot less awesome and a lot more awful. My favorite character that I have played is Wilma, the delusional hipster grandma. My favorite sketch will always be “This is a Funeral.”

How did you get involved with Sketchual Misconduct, and with the PAO in particular?
NIEMIEC: I becane involved with the PAO the first semester of my freshman year when I realized they would be performing a Harry Potter dinner theater, and ny two weaknesses happen to be Harry Potter and dinner. I met and befriended Sketch’s f

ounders, Corinne and Bre, on the set of Shakespeare in Hollywood, and upon hearing my Alan Rickman impression they immediately recruited me for the group.

Tell us about SGA Awards!
NIEMIEC: I am beyond excited to represent Sketch at the SGA awards! I never pictured myself hosting an award show and cannot wait to be the Amy Poehler to Corinne’s Tina Fey.

Random question: If you could attend any awards show, what would it be?
NIEMIEC: The Oscar’s. All of the beautiful people.

Come see Ashley tonight, as she hosts the 2013 SGA Leadership Awards alongside our own Corinne DeCost!