BLOG: Time to Unite!

It’s no secret that we don’t have a campus.
But we have three schools.SUmap1_1

CAS, NESAD, and SBS. We’re all connected through one name …Suffolk University.

Even if we don’t have a “campus” – I believe that we do.

The Boston Common is our quad.
We have all of the amenities – classrooms, labs, libraries, cafeterias, gyms, theatres…everything is available.
We have the same walk between residence halls and classes that most colleges do.

Above all…we have a community. As long as you’re willing to let them in, there are a lot of remarkable things happening because of Suffolk students. Performances, sports games, contests, events…There are hundreds of events that are made possible around this campus.

Suffolk University has given me some pretty incredible opportunities. We may not have housing for all four years – but I personally believe that the lack of housing has helped me to become more independent and responsible on my own. We’re in an incredible city – with employment options all around within walking distance. Suffolk students are exposed to so many great things – it’s time to celebrate that!

Happy unity week, y’all!