STUDENT FEATURE: Dan Lampariello

We’ve expressed our excitement over Avenue Q all week – and the day is finally here. It’s showtime! Last night, InstaRam was given a special peek at the cast’s final dress rehearsal, and there is not a single thing we would change about the show. Star of the show, Dan Lampariello, along with Jillian Couilliard (who we interviewed yesterday) shone onstage with incredible puppetry, facial expressions, and humor. Luckily for us, we were able to steal Dan away from behind his puppet, Princeton, for an exclusive interview!

INSTARAM: What is your major/year?
DAN LAMPARIELLO: Broadcast Journalism Major, Marketing Minor / Junior

What activities are you involved in on and off campus?
LAMPARIELLO: I am currently involved in Techies Union, Rampage Show Choir, I am a Trustee Ambassador and also a Student Reporter for Suffolk In the City & NECN

Explain the work you’re doing in Avenue Q – what is it like to work with puppets?!
LAMPARIELLO: Working with the puppets in Avenue Q has defiantly been a learning experience. Learning how to make the puppet breath when I’m breathing or look where I’m looking has defiantly been the hardest part. Also, having to come into the rehearsal process already off book was a big challenge (you can’t be holding a script and a puppet at the same time). Overall, working with puppets is incredible. It makes you feel like there is an extension to your being. Your bringing life to an object!

How did you get involved with theatre, and with the PAO in particular?
LAMPARIELLO: When I was first introduced to the PAO during my orientation freshman year I knew that I would be getting involved throughout my college career. They are truly the office on campus that every other office or organization should strive to be like. It is truly one BIG family. Having the ability to express myself through different shows each year and also being involved with a number of their different groups has truly made college an enjoyable experience. No matter how big or small of a role you play in one of their productions or groups the staff in the PAO makes you feel so “Special”.

Random Question: What is your favorite internet dance sensation, and what is your signature dance move?
LAMPARIELLO: Defiantly Gangnam Style …. that PSY is one crazy dude. I would have to say my signature move is probably the sprinkler or the shopping cart!


Come and check out Avenue Q tonight, Friday, and Saturday night at 8 PM in the C. Walsh theatre! Tickets are free and are currently available at the HUB.
A special thanks to Dan Lampariello, and best of luck to him on his opening night!