BLOG: Free day of shopping?

It’s a word college kids worship. Free. We’re all broke, have a lot of loans…there aren’t any on-campus events this weekend, so what are you to do?

I say, go down Newbury Street and to the Prudential center right off Newbury. To most, these locations mean ‘shopping’…but surprisingly, there are a lot of free things you can do as well.

Newbury Street

  • Visit any of the ice cream parlors…Just about all of them will offer free samples if you ask for them! (Have no shame, take a spoonful and walk out!)
  • Go to Lush Cosmetics…especially if you’ve never been there before. Tell an employee you’ve never been there and they’ll give you a tour. They also offer free samples, as well as a free hand treatment in-store!

Prudential Center

  • Visit Sephora – I’m totally guilty of going in there before a night out. You can “try on” all of the high-end makeup and perfumes in store, and even have a free consultation with one of their makeup artists. I recommend asking for either an “eye” look (eye primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara) or a “face” look (primer, foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter) from them…You’ll get professional application of products that will highlight all of your best features!
  • Visit Godiva and request to become a member of their “rewards program”. This glorious card will give you a free piece of chocolate – of your choice – every month, starting the second you sign up at the counter…it only means the occasional weekly email. To me, that’s worth it.
  • Go to Barnes & Noble and explore your favorite section. Personally, I love going in there and reading through entire books in the humor section with my friends…saving myself the $10-$20 it would have cost if I tried to purchase the books and read them at home.

…And…of course, window shop! Try on ridiculous outfits, run around in the furniture stores and plan your future homes. You can spend an entire day bonding with your friends and exploring the city without ever having to dish out a single penny.

Then…there are the free museums you can run around as well. At InstaRam, we love the arts. If you visit our Youtube page – – you can check out our most recent visits to the Museum of Bad Art (free with purchase of movie ticket at the Somerville Movie Theatre) and to the Museum of Fine Arts (free with Suffolk ID!).

Check back tomorrow at noon to see a list of the museums and the discounted prices you can receive as a Suffolk student!