BLOG: Bored on Campus?

Your class is over.
It’s a miracle…you have no homework.
You’re ahead of the game!

…But your friends are in classes and you have so much time to kill before your next class. Also, it’s cold, and you do NOT want to stand outside.

You don’t feel like going back to your room and watching Netflix. You’re not hungry. You’re also way too antsy to just sit on your butt. What can you do?!

Here are some suggestions!

  • Go to the 4th floor of Donahue. I swear by this one. It’s foolproof. 9 times out of 10, there is some event going on in 403 (the big room to the right when you get off the elevators)…and it often involves free food.
  • Find the office for YOUR major. It blows my mind how many students do not know where this is. Explore and figure out where yours is. Then…hang out. Meet some people in your major. Who knows, perhaps hanging out in this area, you’ll end up being more successful in the future!
  • Navigate your way to NESAD. If you aren’t a NESAD student, this may be a real task. Once you find your way there, it feels like an accomplishment. Once you’re there, check out some of the art…it’s actually pretty remarkable…and very much free. It’s worth the trek, we promise.
  • Go to the library…and explore. I swear, nobody has ever touched a single one of those books. Want to see something cooler, though? The Emerson Library allows Suffolk students in with an ID…and there, you can see the actual Will & Grace set, as well as check out the scripts to some of your favorite movies.
  • Go to the Ridgeway gym. Yes, we have one! It’s on the 2nd floor of the Ridgeway building, and the machines are actually pretty high-tech. Some even have iPhone chargers! It’s a great place to get a little exercise, and maybe even study while you’re doing it!
  • READ US. Every Monday, we ship out a schedule of events going on each week. There is never NOTHING going on.

I’m an off-campus student, trust me. I am the Queen of this scenario. Suffolk has so much to offer than you realize.