BLOG: New Semester, New Successes

The spring semester offers a new start to all students. If you didn’t do very well last semester, you have a brand new chance to raise your GPA. For me, I also like to start the new semester with a bit of a personal change. Looking back over the past semester, I evaluate any mistakes I may have made and look for ways I can better myself. What sorts of things might you be able to do?

  • Get involved, wherever you can!
    It’s no new fact that students who are highly involved out of the classroom do better in the classroom. This, most likely, has something to do with the
  • Upgrade your note-taking strategies.
    The better your class notes, the easier it is to study! Don’t screw yourself over when the semester draws to a close. Write down EVERYTHING that makes its way to the board/powerpoint, and add in your own notes to remind yourself of things that you did in class. Personally, I like to use different pen colors for each class as well, to make it easier to file through my notes. Some students even like to take their class notes and copy them over afterwards in order to drill new material into their brain.
  • Make out your schedule and figure out where you spend your time.
    This will make things significantly easier if you need to cut back, whether it is for personal growth or for class. Instead of spending 2 hours fooling around online after class, maybe you could spend an hour at the gym with your textbook open and THEN go online. It’s easy to make the time if you’re aware of your time-sucking activities.
  • Make time for fun…
    If all you ever do is study and work, you’re leading a rather sad life. Where both are important for obvious reasons, you’ll go crazy if you never make time to go out with friends or give your brain time to rest.
  • …But not TOO much time.
    College usually equals parties, and it’s easy to get caught up in it. It’s okay to indulge, but don’t let yourself go completely. I’ve actually seen kids from back home get kicked out of school because they stayed out too late and skipped too many classes…and ended up with less than a 1.0 GPA.
  • Go to more on campus events!
    They’re popular for a reason, and sometimes you can even receive extra credit in your courses for attending.

Keep an eye out for any new transfer students, by the way! Make sure they feel welcome in their new school and help them out whenever you get the chance.