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2016-2017 Staff

Brendan Bresnahan


Brendan is a 2014 Suffolk Law grad. He has been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for two years writing and working in various capacities as a lawyer. However, he continues to follow Boston current events closely during his...

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Nick Viveiros

Staff Writer

Nick Viveiros is a Freshman majoring in Politics, Philosophy & Economics and Journalism. He began writing for the Journal in the fall and looks forward to working with the paper for his remaining years at Suffolk. When not...

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Hannah Arroyo

Staff Writer

Hannah Arroyo is a freshman and Broadcast Journalism major who hopes to work in sports media someday. She passionately follows New England sports and can often be found exploring new spots in Boston. She enjoys going to Fenway Pa...

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Nathan Espinal

Staff Writer

Student pursuing a double major degree who's also writing articles for a paper with integrity. Usually stress eating in the library.

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Morgan Hume

Staff Writer

Troy, New York native Morgan Hume is majoring in print/web journalism at Suffolk University. She is having the time of her life as a reporter for The Suffolk Journal and she hopes to be a reporter for many more years to come...

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Brooke Patterson

Assistant Sports Editor

As a junior majoring in Journalism Print/Web, Brooke Patterson strives to not only bring a positive light to her stories, but also those around her. Despite the fact that her sports career has ended, Patterson remains involved with...

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Haley Clegg

Photo Editor & Founder of Uncovered with Flash

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Chris DeGusto

News Editor

As someone who truly has no idea exactly what he wants to do in life, Chris’ desire is to help those he cares about achieve their dreams. Chris welcomed a role that he never envisioned himself in; one that drives him insane. ...

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Katherine Yearwood

Staff Writer

As a junior at Suffolk University, I major in Communications with a concentration in print journalism and a minor in sociology. I have worked with The Suffolk Journal since 2015. The stories that have been the most elec...

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Katie Dugan

Assistant Opinion Editor

Born in Manchester, New Hampshire, Katie Dugan is a senior, majoring in public relations. She lists among her many non-academic accomplishments successfully raising her pet, a beta fish named Moses and greeting the nations f...

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Felicity Otterbein

Arts Editor

As a member of the Best Friends of Friendly's Ice Cream Club, Felicity enjoys not taking life too seriously. She appreciates all walks of life and accepts all those who are willing to share a smile.  As the Arts Editor, she enjoys uncovering ne...

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Skylar To

Sports Editor

Skylar To is a 22-year-old Vietnamese-American full-time college student pursuing a BSJ in print journalism at Suffolk University in her hometown. She is currently enrolled in her last semester as an undergraduate student at Suffolk...

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Patrick Holmes

Opinion Editor

An advocate for human rights, Patrick Holmes aspires to help people through writing and to create that much talked about difference in the world. Through education, he sees a world that can change for the better and unite to ...

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Chaim Wigder

Staff Writer

Chaim is a second-year chemistry major from New York. He writes about science, politics and social issues.

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Ian Kea

Staff Writer

Hailing from the Hoosier State, Ian is a History and Government major in his Junior year. A political junkie by nature, Ian labels himself a 'Democratic Socialist' and sees it through in his writings. In his downtime he is either ...

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Sam Humphrey

Newsroom Manager

From starting as a staff writer to helping edit and manage the entire paper, Sam has seen every side of the Journal there is. He covered protests, changes in the school's administration, and local political events on Suffolk's...

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Jacob Geanous

World News Editor

Jacob Geanous is a junior print journalism major with a minor in government/ international relations. He has an associates degree in criminal justice from Mercyhurst University in Pennsylvania. His articles can also be seen in ...

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Alexa Gagosz


Current Editor-in-Chief of The Suffolk Journal, fighter for equality and former World News Editor. Most likely found in The Journal's office, getting lost in the Massachusetts State House or frolicking around Boston Harbor.

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